Dice System

All characters share 5 attributes:

Each character has 5 abilities that represent their physical, mental and social characteristics.

The abilities and example actions are laid out below. The example actions are suggestions, not a comprehensive list

Stabbing the Wolven with a sword

Shooting the Avian with a crossbow

Blocking a boulder with a shield

A general sense of rank amongst Beasts, Convincing the tavern patrons to listen, Commanding an Army

Telling if someone is lying, Initiative, Studying for information,

Creating or repairing items

Jumping over a chasm, Balancing on a wire, Holding down your drink,

Carrying your ally

Sneaking past the slavers,

Lying to the soldiers, Stealing from a chest, picking a lock

These attributes range from “Beginner” to “Grandmaster” with a corresponding dice.











When a character wants to do something using their attributes they roll the associated dice.


As characters progress through the story, they will gain experience and progress on to using larger die sizes.

To succeed at a challenging action, roll the associated die.

3 or higher is a success.
1 is always a failure and 8 or more is an exceptional success.

A character’s ability value (and the associated die to roll) is the left-most die with empty experience boxes.

Each time you use an ability, mark down the experience gained by filling in the boxes on the experience track.  3xp for a successful check, 1xp for a failure. Filling out all the boxes under a certain die size allows you to use the next die size up.


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