All Characters can hold up to 5 Items


Weapon Types

Each weapon can have any 2 of these traits:

Concealable - Cannot be seen on the user without a successful Acumen roll

Long - Can attack an enemy standing behind another enemy

Fast - Can attack twice with one action if the user doesn't move on that turn

Heavy - Does +1dmg if the user doesn't move on that turn

Ranged - Can attack anyone regardless of distance. All ranged weapons are 2 hands

Hands - The number of Hand slots the weapon takes to hold. If a hand holding a weapon is used to do something else (grab an item, push a switch, scratch a muzzle) that weapon cannot be used in the same turn.

Exotic Weapons

There are 4 Exotic Weapons (but feel free to make more!)

Zhua - Instead of dealing damage, the Zhua can disarm an enemy. This weapon uses 1 hand (geddit?)

Whip  - Upon a successful attack the victim cannot move unless they succeed on a Vitality roll or the user lets them go. When attacking, a major success breaks a limb in addition to catching the victim.

Bees' Nest - This unique contraption houses fireworks in a box. The user rolls 1d6 and hits that many of people around them (their choice) for 1 damage

Dragon’s Breath -  This terrifying weapon knocks the enemy onto the ground and deals 2 damage. This weapon requires 2 hands and can only be used once a turn.



Armour can protect a character from damage before it affects their health.

Armour can protect from damage once per fight, after that a character has to repair it.

Shields can defend against 1 damage per turn without needing repair.

Repairing Armour

Characters can spend 10 minutes repairing their armour or can repair it with a successful Acumen action.



Characters can create items by collecting materials and completing a successful Acumen roll. The GM can determine what items are able to be reasonably created and what materials are needed to create them.

The following are some example items that can be created be players