Animal Kingdoms

All characters come from a certain Animal Kingdom.

Each Kingdom is its own sovereign land, mostly populated by similar species.


When creating your character, consider what kind of Animal they are and their background.

The Kingdoms are:




Health and Death


All characters start at 3 Health

During the course of the game Characters may take damage,  record this by placing a token on the health marker on your character sheet.


Characters can wear armour that can protect against the stated amount of damage once per fight (or until repaired)

If a character takes damage that would reduce their health to zero, they die.



Upon character creation, the Kingdom determines what Items a character can start with.

The GM can also assign items to each player

Anything else that the Storyteller or players can think of can exist as an Item; tools, clothing, artwork, ect.




During the course of the game, players may encounter NPCs that they wish to bring on their adventure. With a successful Supremacy test, an NPC can be convinced to join a player as a Companion


Each player may bring with them up to two Companions. Each Companion has one Ability that they can use instead of the player. This Ability and its die size is determined by the Storyteller.

Companions don't gain XP but they can use equipment that the players find.


If a PC dies, a Companion can step up to take their place and gains half their XP.